We are grateful for gifts from multiple organizations and private donors from around the globe. Their generosity supports the development and implementation of our activities focused on serving those most vulnerable:

  • CARE provided over 1 million US dollars for our outreach to prevent malaria
  • Touchfreewash.com provides substantial support for our social programs
  • Fuel for Change funded our first outreach clinic and social programs
  • Google Foundation provides funds for our music and art workshops as well as helping to cover the healthcare of our social program participants
  • ICAP of Columbia University in New York City provided $250,000 to assist our patients living with HIV
  • Ministry of Health, Côte d’Ivoire provides us with civil servant healthcare professionals
  • Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation assisted our HIV/AIDS outreach
  • La Société Aeria (Abidjan International Airport) has donated school kits and gifts for the Happiness Day
  • DePaul University in Chicago supported our autism training program for teachers, caregivers and healthcare workers
  • Doust Association of Lyon, France supports our food distribution program
  • Multiple private donors around the world make generous gifts
Sufi Service committee
Columbia University
Tanforan Shell