Social Service Programs

Our social services include monthly distribution of food kits, annual distribution of school supplies, free or subsidized access to the entire panoply of medical services offered by the Fondation, and weekend enrichment programs for children including literacy, music, dance and song.


Adults also may participate in literacy and financial management programs as well as one of our several income-generating projects such as raising rabbits. Every December all staff and families participating in any of our programs come together for our Happiness Day Celebration with gifts, performances and food.

The music workshops encourage children to express themselves creatively through the arts and in community. Learning to play musical instruments and make group recordings enhances self-confidence while modeling collaboration, patience and persistence. At this time twenty-five (25) children from twenty (20) families attend for three hours each Saturday.

We hire professional music teachers and provide the children with instruments.

The reading workshop encourages shared exploration of the literary arts, enhances language acquisition and fosters development of listening and concentration skills.

Thirty (30) children from 22 families are currently enrolled for three hours on the first Saturday of the month. The reading workshops are led by volunteers from our staff and the community.


Monthly distribution of food kits constitutes an essential aspect of our support of persons in precarious situations. It allows families in difficult circumstances to have a regular supply of basic staples such as rice, milk and cooking oil. Currently we support eighty (80) families.

Each fall children in financial need who are followed by our social service programs are provided School Kits. These kits contain the necessary tools for their schooling with the expectation that they start the school year prepared and motivated. Every year over 300 children in primary and secondary school receive full backpacks with all basic supplies.

Every December around 250 children from vulnerable families of a variety of religions join families and staff for a day of joy and happiness with gifts and a fun celebration. Local patrons and the Doust Association based in Lyon, France, fund this annual event called Happiness Day.