Each December the FDJN organizes a big party called “Happiness Day”. All the children followed by the Social Program are invited for entertainment and sweets followed by the distribution of T-shirts and gifts.  It is a festive day full of joy and happiness for families and staff alike.

This year, due to safety concerns around coronavirus, Happiness Day was restructured to take place with small groups within the context of our monthly distribution of food and hygiene kits. However, the spirit of celebration and joy remained in our hearts and intentions.

We thank the following partners whose generosity made Happiness Day 2020 special:

  • the company GIM-UEMOA, the Interbank Monetary Group of UEMOA, whose generous donation provided gifts to more than 150 children
  • the Association Caritative Doust and its partner, the Emmaüs Lyon Association, for sending us more than 100 wrapped gifts
  • the Sufi Service Committee of Abidjan whose unwavering support and mobilization contributed to the organization of the Happiness Day 2020.

We also extend our warmest thanks to all the members of the Board of Directors, the FDJN staff, our volunteers and all those people who contribute to the success of our activities.